Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prabowo: Let Us Tools for Indonesian People

Presidential candidate Prabowo admitted that he and Hatta Rajasa goal stand as a presidential candidate and vice presidential candidates is purely for the benefit of the Indonesian people . He also claimed to be willing as a tool by the people of Indonesia .

" Suppose we , Prabowo - Hatta , suppose we instrument for the people of Indonesia . We want to be a tool that will be used for the benefit of the people of the nation and the state , " Prabowo said while giving a speech in support of the declaration ceremony in the Business Centers Cooperative , Jakarta, Wednesday ( 28 / 5/2014 ) .
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Attending the event were various volunteers who support Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa in West Java .

During this time , Prabowo saw many Indonesian people who live in trouble because the government is not optimal . He was determined to change that if it managed to occupy the chair of RI - 1 administration in the period 2014-2019 .

"Trust me and Mr. Hatta forward to the front of the Indonesian people , we ask for a mandate from the people , we ask permission from the Indonesian people , not for personal interests , the interests of the group , the family , even though the party . We developed with the support of a large party with only one desire , that want to work as good as possible , as hard as smart as possible , to make Indonesia become so respectable country , "said a former high-ranking TNI it .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Because Mahfud, Prabowo-Hatta believed Horseshoe Win in East Java

Pair candidates for president and vice president , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa believed to gain a voice in Horseshoe region , East Java in the upcoming presidential election . It is considered as a factor name Mahfud MD who became chairman of the campaign team .

Name Mahfud believed could win because it has a strong influence among Muslim scholars and religious leaders of Islamic boarding schools in the region Pasuruan , Probolinggo , Situbondo , Bondowoso , Jember , and Banyuwangi .

" Prabowo - Hatta certain to win in the Horseshoe , not because of the name - presidential running mate , but because of his Mahfud MD , " said Chairman of the Board Tanfidz Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) Branch Bondowoso , KH Abdul Qadir Sham , in Jakarta, Monday ( 26 / 5/2014 ) .

Moreover , he continued , in the horseshoe area there are hundreds of boarding schools the number of students reaching millions of people .
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" Mr. Mahfud itself has been intensively to establish communication with prominent scholars in Horseshoe even when he was made a candidate by PKB . Communication it is still good , " he added .

The scholars and religious leaders in Horseshoe also already know the capacity and capability of personal Mahfud MD as a statesman is clean . He hoped , if Prabowo - Hatta win , Mahfud MD will occupy strategic positions in the government - Hatta leader Prabowo .

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court who was also the presidential candidate of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) was finally accepted an offer to become chairman Prabowo - Hatta winning team . Besides Mahfud , Rhoma Irama , who was also a presidential candidate PKB , also joined in timses Prabowo - Hatta .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Jakarta Anniversary Celebration Guaranteed Non-vice presidential candidates Politicization

Jakarta City will enter the age of 487 years old on June 22 and a number of events and activities organized to celebrate the festival .

Although this event will be held in the political , Chairman of the Committee Daily 487 Anniversary of Bambang Sugiyono DKI Jakarta Anniversary ensure the implementation is free from politicization presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate RI .

" We understand that the situation in this political year , so we did not make the show a lot , does not mean a rousing yes .
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Things that nature gave rise to the political overtones , we avoid , we do not want the excitement of being poisoned or hindered by those who will do something for the city, " said Bambang , told reporters in Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

However, the man who also served as Assistant Secretary of Public Welfare Jakarta is not explained further , whether Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo presidential candidate who also attended the summit Anniversary of 487 Capital .
Because the governor has been disabled Jokowi Jakarta on it .

Jokowi counted off started ( 05/31/2014 ) coming up to the General Election Commission ( KPU ) set a president and vice president-elect . Meanwhile , Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama will act as Acting ( Acting ) Governor of Jakarta .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

It turns out that Abraham intended Faced Islam is Suryadharma Ali

On May 15, 2014 last , KPK chairman Abraham Samad has said that the country will become an official suspects in the alleged corruption related to the organization of the Hajj . With the determination of the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali as a suspect , officials who fulfilled the intended country of Abraham .

" Officials in the country , just later , the next two weeks , " Abraham said in Jakarta , Thursday ( 15/05/2014 ) .

Commission set DPP Chairman of the United Development Party was a suspect in the alleged corruption case related to the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012-2013 . The determination of the suspect information submitted KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas .
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" It rose investigation by the SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) et al as a suspect , " said KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas via text message on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

When asked if that meant SDA is Suryadharma Ali , Busyro justify it . " Yes , " he said simply .

KPK chairman Abraham Samad said earlier that the Commission immediately set suspects linked to project procurement of goods and services in the administration of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in the fiscal year 2012-2013 . According to Abraham , " candidate " suspect this is one of the leaders in Indonesia .

Hajj project related inquiry , the Commission has requested information Suryadharma . After questioning the Commission , Suryadharma admitted asked about the organization of the Hajj , especially the catering and lodging Hajj deemed inappropriate .

United Development Party politician also claimed that House members were asked about the " play " in the business of Hajj .

In addition , Suryadharma claiming benefits or funds from deposit interest during this pilgrimage has been managed to improve the quality of service of the pilgrims. He denied there were certain parties who take advantage of interest payments or benefits of the pilgrimage .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sure Khofifah Residents Leaning Jokowi NU-JK

Chairman of the PP 's Women Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) Khofifah Indar Parawansa sure the sound of the Nahdliyin be inclined to pair - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the upcoming presidential election .

He did not worry about the support of the citizens although Mahfud MD NU split into a successful team leader for couples Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .
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Khofifah explained , duet Jokowi - JK has been very complete and represent the citizens Nahdliyin . Jokowi known to be close to the people and JK has historically proximity to the NU .

" Surely Mr. Mahfud has followers and the network , but that is structurally so the board is Mr. JK . Anyway this is an election -vice presidential candidate , spokesman for the election or not a successful team , " said Khofifah when contacted on Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

Jokowi spokesman continued , JK persona in the minds of NU can not be refuted. In addition Mustasyar closely with NU , historically , families JK was also the NU in Sulawesi .

" The capacity , capability , and competence of Mr. JK no doubt , already complete , " he said .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Cium Pipi Cannes Film Festival Chairman, Aktris Iran Dikecam

Iranian actress Leila Hatami angered the country after the government on Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) caught on camera " cipika - cipiki " Cannes Film Festival President Gilles Jacob .

Photos published various mass media of Iran is sparking outrage that the government considers Hatami violate the values ​​of Iranian women .

" Those who attended the international arena should maintain the sanctity and credibility of the Iranians . So that Iranian women would not bring up the bad side of the world , " said Iranian Deputy Culture Minister Hossein Noushabadi .

" Iranian Women is a symbol of chastity and purity . Hatami What is done at the Cannes festival is not in line with Iran's religious beliefs , " added Noushabadi .
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Being born in a family with film background , known to the world after membintang Hatami A Separation movie from director Ashgar Farhadi . This film won the Oscar for best foreign language film category in 2012 .

At the Cannes Film Festival , Hatami was asked to be one of the judges who will assess dozens of films that fit into this annual festival .

Based on the interpretation of the Islamic Iran since the 1979 revolution , a woman is not allowed to have physical contact with a man who is not a member of his family .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Special vocational Tangerang Prison Child Start Operation

Special Education Foundation Penitentiary (Prison ) Men Children Class IIA Tangerang City was officially operational permit from the Capital Care Services Agency and Integrated Licensing ( BP2MPT ) for Vocational School ( SMK ) .

Thus , the particular vocational ready for operation this month . " We 've set up vocational schools in this prison since June 2013 , but has yet to get an operating permit . Yesterday it was able to license , so school activities could walk , " said Sutari , Chief SMA Male Child Special Prison Class IIA to Tangerang City , Wednesday ( 14.05.2014 ) .
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According to him , it is not without the support of the Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh when doing the inspection to the prison on the first day of the national exam ( UN ) last month . Some problems can be resolved eventually permit the prison so that the operating permit can be issued BP2MPT Tangerang City .

" We just opened one class only , the students of class X with jumlash 30 people . Teacher of the prison as well , " he continued .

Sutari added , the particular vocational students will focus on the auto majors motorcycle . The curriculum is the same as that applied to CMS in general .

" Diploma they will receive will also generally equated with vocational diploma . They will be ready to work after getting out of here ( prison ) , " he added .

SMK opening , said Sutari , will not interfere with teaching and learning in prisons also have a Special High School . " It's only one class, so we arranged for classroom use and a vocational high school in prison , " he said .

Currently SMK Children in Prison Class IIA Koya Tangerang man is under the responsibility of the Special Education Foundation . SMK 's opening , adds another high school in prison .

Previously , prisons already have Special High School who also provide education for children in prison applicable according curriculum .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tourist complains Charges in Bunaken

Foreign tourists complained about the cost of charges when traveling to Yosemite National Park , North Sulawesi . In addition to paying entry fees to Bunaken Rp 200,000 per person , they are also required to pay a fee to the association motorboat Rp 50,000 per person .

H Loprang , tourism actors in Manado , on Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) , reveal , two foreign tourists surprised when asked to pay Rp 150,000 by an officer of the association who claims the boat . At that time , they were on top of the motor boat .
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"Incidentally, the three of us on the boat . At that time , I drove a friend from Germany . My friend shook his head because he felt cheated . In fact , we are already paying rent boats Rp 750,000 per return , "said Loprang .

According Loprang , when he said he would not give the money requested , the officer threatened to dispatch boat motors . Loprang saw some foreign tourists who were in other motor boat association also cited the services of a motor boat .

Based on the monitoring base in the complex motor boat Manado Harbour , yesterday , quote Rp 50,000 from the association is still going on for a number of foreign tourists and domestic tourists from outside Manado .

Officers of the association boat motor will not mention his name said , quote Rp 50,000 per person for the organization . Collected money to help the carrier boat if pain or grief -stricken . " Members of our nearly 100 people , who pay attention to them , " he said .

Head of Manado City Tourism Hendrik Waroka and Head of Tourism North Sulawesi Supriya Ruru claimed no knowledge of the association over the levy money motorboat . According to them , the fees are not included in local regulations .

" I know only of levies to Bunaken Bunaken National Park Management Board . The result is paid in cash to the area for conservation programs , " said Ruru .

Head of Department of Transportation North Sulawesi Joy Oroh new claim to know there are charges of association motorboat . "If true , we will act to report to the authorities because of the apparent extortion , " he said .

According Oroh , motorboat carrier is guaranteed workers by motor boat owners . Typically , the owner of the wage system and the target system uses a motor carrier daily , weekly , or monthly .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

4 Day Ahead of the World Economic Forum, Car Bomb Kills 9 People in Nigeria

A car bomb exploded on a busy street in the capital city of Nigeria , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) night . At least 9 people were killed . The blast site opposite the bus station bombing that was attacked on 14 April 2014 that killed 75 people .

The explosion occurred on Thursday night just four days before the city hosts the World Economic Forum . The plan , the meeting will take place during the week , with the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang as the guest of honor .
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A spokesman for the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps , Emmanuel Okeh , said that medical and firefighters rushed to the scene and found the bodies 9 and 11 people were taken in an unconscious condition to a local hospital .

The explosion occurred in the center of the International Labor Day . In Nigeria , May Day is a national holiday . Witnesses said an explosives -laden car into a checkpoint speeding . A man jumped out of the car and ran away , just before the car exploded .

The checkpoint was established to examine every passing car , the inspectors consisting of police and soldiers . The establishment of this post is a response to the explosion on 14 April 2014 .

Previously , Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on May Day commemoration on Thursday , said that the perpetrators of the attack two weeks ago should be brought to justice . " We're going to win against the evil that is degrading humanity or hinder our progress as a nation , " he said .

" Those , who want to redefine our country as a state of chaos , will not succeed , " Jonathan vows . In the last week , he also assured the Chinese Ambassador and hundreds of delegates are expected to attend the World Economic Forum that there would be no security issues during the summit took place .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chemotherapy Cause Unemployment ?

One in three breast cancer survivors who work at first treated , it does not work again in four years later . This influence is especially true in women who received chemotherapy . Once mentioned a new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center , released 28 April 2014 .

The researchers conducted observations on women in Detroit and Los Angeles who has been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer . They pursing respondents into 746 women who reported working when diagnosed first time . The participants were surveyed about 9 months after diagnosis and followed up again about four years later .
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In general , about 30 percent of the working women , no longer works when the follow-up survey conducted four years later .

" Many doctors believe that even though the patient may lose jobs during treatment , they will ' bounce back ' in the long run . Results of this study indicate otherwise . Losing a job is a long-term negative consequences that may occur from chemotherapy that was not fully appreciated until recently , " said lead study author Reshma Jagsi , MD , D. Phil . , professor of radiation oncology at the University of Michigan Medical School .

Many patients take time off from work during chemotherapy treatment to overcome the immediate side effects of therapy . The researchers say this may lead to problems of long-term employment . In addition , chemotherapy treatment can cause side effects such as neuropathy or long-term cognitive problems , which can also affect employment prospects .

The findings suggest the need to reduce the burden of breast cancer treatment , and strengthen current efforts to develop better strategies for identifying patients . ( SDJ )


Monday, April 28, 2014

Alhamdulillah .. Muslims Cuba Will Have a New Mosque

Muslims dream of Cuba has finally realized the new mosque . It happened , after the delegation's visit Turkish Islamic Religious Affairs Foundation ( TDV ) for the Caribbean islands .

" We thought it worth building a mosque in the historic district of Havana architecture of Europe , " said Yuksel Sezgin , TDV delegation , as reported , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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Since a long time , this foundation helps Muslims interested Cuba has a mosque . New this year , the interest is realized . Later , from the realization that embodied the mosque would resemble Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul .

The design of the mosque was considered appropriate to its position in the old city of Havana . The mosque has a capacity of 500 worshipers with an area of ​​32 thousand square meters .

Previously , Muslim mosques Cuba does not have a representative . Most Muslims pray at each one . Special Friday prayers , they take advantage of the living room Muslim community leader , Pedro Lazo Torre .

Luis Mesa Delmonte , a professor of Middle East studies in Cuba , said that permitting the construction of the mosque has received the blessing of President of Cuba , Raul Castro . " The Cuban government has approved the plan a few years ago , but the difficult economic conditions facing the realization , " he said .


This apparition Satellite BRI Worth USD 2.5 Billion

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BRI ) has just signed a contract for the purchase of satellite Rp 2.5 trillion . How does the appearance of satellite and launcher ?

Satellite named BRISAT it will reach the service territory of Indonesia, and ASEAN countries , including most of East Asia China , most of the Pacific including Hawaii and Western Australia . BRISAT will have a 36x36 MHz transponder C - band and Ku - band 9x72 Mhz .

BRI purchase the satellite from professional companies from the United States , Space Systems / Loral , LLC ( SSL ) . While the launch was Arianespace is a French company .

" Investasnya approximately USD 250 million ( approximately USD 2.5 trillion ) could be lower or approximately U.S. $ 230 million , " said Sofyan Bashir met at BRI Headquarters , Lower Dam , Jakarta , Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .

The satellite will have 45 transponders , which will be used for operational purposes BRI banking is as much as 22-23 transponders . While the 4 transponders will be given to the Indonesian government for government purposes , such as census population data , agricultural data , and others .

" The rest is not rented out , because you're special communication . Probably the same lease government agencies if needed , is still open to others , such as Telkom , Indosat we still can , " he said .

Final design and manufacturing process will be carried out in the factory BRISAT SSL in Palo Alto , California , which is expected to take 24 months . Thus accounted for shipment and launch campaign will be conducted 25-26 months will come around mid- 2016 or at Kourou , French Guiana.
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Later , this satellite will occupy the orbital slot 150.5 BT before being used by the operator Indosat . BRI will be the first bank in the world that manages the orbital slot .

As reported earlier , Tifatul Sembiring issued two decrees to manage over the orbital slot . After issuing the first letter of the number B-297/M.KOMINFO/SP.02.01/03/2014 on March 26 , a second letter was followed later .

" In the letter stated Indosat can still use the orbital slot until 1 September 2015 . Then published the letter the minister who gives the right to the use of orbital slots BRI began 1 September 2015 , " said Director General of Resources and Equipment Post and Information Technology Ministry of Communications Muhammad Budi Setiawan , Jakarta . ( zul / tyo )


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Year , China Tapping Email Australian MPs

A daily report published by the Australian Financial Review , Monday, April 28, 2014 , reported that personal electronic mail belonging to members of the Australian parliament has been tapped by Chinese intelligence agents . Tapping it even lasts for one year .

Reuters reports , the Australian Financial Review quoted a source in the government and the security of Australia . According to him , the Chinese intelligence attack carried more savage than previously predicted .

Chinese intelligence is said to have control over all system . " It's like the back of an open road . They have access to all the information , " said the source.
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Chinese intelligence intercepted through parliament computer network , because the network is an open system that is often used internally by the MPs , staff , and their advisers . Policy makers usually use computer networks to conduct private communications and strategy discussion .

When it is inside the network , hackers can access a variety of information such as email , contacts data , and other documents that are stored there .

By having access to sneak into , the Chinese intelligence agencies have a deeper knowledge about some things , such as political relations professional and social networking leadership in Australia , and the discussion on the sensitive issue among policy-makers with their staff .

Yet during these officials in the land of kangaroos has made cyber security as one of their priorities , because of the many attacks in the cyber world and the number is increasing.


Similar events have been reported by the Australian media in 2011 . News corporated launch , computer parliament belonging to 10 federal ministers , including the prime minister , foreign minister , and minister tertahanan suspected to have been compromised .

Public Prosecutor at the time, Robert McClelland , is not denied nor confirmed the cyber attack terrsebut . " The Australian Government considers cyber security a serious issue , and will consistently continue to strengthen cyber security , " he said .

Although not confirmed as truth , but the source of the current administration officials confirmed the cyber attack to the parliamentary network . One lawmaker even admitted often receive informal warnings from security agencies that there are foreign interests that may be trying to access their computers and phones .

The attitude of the Australian government's caution against cyber attacks is to make Tony Abbott Prime Minister to impose a ban on Chinese technology , Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. , to be involved in the National Broadband Network project valued at AUD38 billion or Rp408 trillion .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Understanding Character "New" Post-eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010

Mount Merapi showed new characters pescaerupsi 2010. It was seen from the interval increase in volcanic activity of the mountain is growing rapidly from day to day .

Note the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Magelang regency , last activity accompanied by a puff of incandescent lava burst on Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) , at 4:26 to 4:40 pm .

Previously , a mountain located on the border of Central Java with a DIY that has issued the first big gust on July 5, 2012 . Gust second major came a year later on July 22, 2013 .

" On 18 November 2013 re-occurring gust or within six months of the previous gust . Occurred puff back occurs on March 10, 2014 and March 27, 2014 . Gust repeated on Sunday, April 20th yesterday , " explained Head of Emergency and Logistics BPBDs Magelang Regency , Joko Sudibyo , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

According to Joko , this gust acceleration interval occurs because the position of the magma closer to Merapi stomach . Although it was not until Merapi magma chamber , but the movement of the magma continues to happen so fast approaching . The movement of the magma which then generates the gas .

Joko resume , puff can also be triggered due to other factors , such as tectonic earthquakes . Nevertheless, it can not be sure because the necessary studies and research in the volcano experts .

" It is important to learn and understand the new character of Mount Merapi . 's Why need synergy between and among observers kegunungapian volunteers and the community , " said Joko .

Joko said , the Center for Disaster Research and Technology Development Geology ( BPPTKG ) is currently carrying out research on samples of lava that came out along with a small eruption that occurred last Sunday .

The study , said Joko , to determine whether the lava is 2010 or residual material derived from new magma .
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"If there is new magma means indicate magma movement and position closer to Merapi magma Gapur . 's Society must be understood about Merapi , because it could be in a normal state , Merapi issued gust dangerous , " said Joko .


Monday, April 21, 2014

June, the ERP Start Tool Installed in Jakarta

Jakarta Transportation Agency head Muhammad Akbar predict , appliance electronic road pricing ( ERP ) will begin to be installed in June 2014.

Initially, ERP tool will be installed on Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin .
" Maybe it will be installed around May or June . Later will be installed on Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin , " Akbar said when contacted on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

According to Akbar , the current city administration is still selecting several companies interested in running a program that aims to reduce the number of private vehicle use .

" So later that they were going to the point where we are going we use through a beauty contest . So they prepared the tools , tested , then the match can directly plug the appliance Sudirman - Thamrin , " said Akbar .

Implementation of ERP itself is targeted to begin in early 2015 . For the success of this program requires cooperation between the city administration and traffic police to issue motor vehicle data collection system based electronics , namely the electronic registration and identification ( ERI ) .

Thus , traffic law enforcement will also based electronics , namely electronic law enforcement ( ELE ) .
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In addition to the Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin , ERP implementation will also be performed in the streets other protocols , such as the Jalan Rasuna Said and Gatot Subroto .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Romi : Still Open Opportunities For SDA Islah

Jakarta - A substantial number of PPP held daily meetings to discuss plans Mukernas daily . PPP Secretary General Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) states that Mukernas is the last chance for reconciliation ( pillars ) .

" We never rule out the possibility for reconciliation . Terms Suryadharma first is Mr. Ali should come first in Mukernas tomorrow , should be a great heart to come , " said Romi in Space Nakula Bidakara Tower , Jewel , South Jakarta , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) .
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While Mukernas agenda which will be held on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 will be confirmed next Emron Pangkapi as Chairman . This inaugural based layoffs Suryadharma as coriander .

" But if there was reconciliation yes coriander returned to the office of Mr. Suryadharma . 'm Only we take the time and relax tensinya . Was alone . I think when he comes to much to talk about , " said Romi .

Romi stressed that it put forward the existence of reconciliation . However, the need for face-to- face conversation toward it .

" The meeting yesterday alone we rename stringing reconciliation toward a blessing . We focus on reconciliation , " said Romi .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Call Suryadharma Ali and Gerindra PPP Coalition as the "Coalition of Grain"

United Development Party Chairman Ali Suryadharma not deny that his party wants to build a coalition of parties , as a coalition Indonesia Raya senior politician once said PAN , Amien Rais .

However, for its coalition with Gerindra , he called it a " Coalition of Grain " .

" Indonesia Raya PPP is not a coalition , but the ' Coalition of Grain ' . Garuda - Kaaba ( Gerindra party symbol and PPP ) , " Suryadharma said in a press conference at the office of PPP , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) evening .

In addition , Suryadharma analogize grain as a symbol of well-being . With the establishment of a coalition between the two parties , Suryadharma hope awakened continued welfare of the people in Indonesia .

Suryadharma Ali said the PPP is ready to support presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra as President from 2014 to 2019 . This support also signifies the coalition has been established between the two parties .

Regarding the systems they build coalitions , Suryadharma not sure because the coalition has not been formally agreed .

" The formalization of this coalition will be done through mechanisms and procedures in the PPP , " he said .

Prabowo welcomed the invitation " Coalition Paddy " the PPP . According to him , the unconditional support offered by the party bearing the Ka'aba was rare in the history of politics in Indonesia .

Regarding the vice-presidential candidate who will accompany later , Prabowo still be discussing with coalition parties . Gerindra also still will see the development of the current political situation .
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"If the coalition , coalition members must have a voice to find ( vice ) the best , " says Prabowo .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girls 15 Year against Food Phobia

TRURO - Hanna Little , has a very unique phobia . Because the girl is 20 years old so afraid of food and he just takes the chips for 15 years. Hanna suffered a severe eating disorder since she was five years old , and eventually he became afraid of all the food .

This beautiful girl began to eat again after hypnosis to overcome her fear of food . But , Hanna just want to eat chips every day for 15 years .

As reported Mirror , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) , food disorders experienced by Hanna made ​​her feel sick if she tries to eat food other than chips .

This rare condition often makes fainted in the middle of the activity . So Hanna tries to perform hypnotherapy cure phobia . After doing a hypnotherapy session he finally managed to overcome the phobia and started to eat the pizza , now also has become a favorite food .
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" Food can make me very scared , it made ​​me sick , anxious , and I never know how to handle it , " said Hanna .

" When I go on a picnic with my friends , I could not eat anything . I can only eat chips every day , " said the girl who lives in Truro , Cornwall , England .

Psychologists who treat Hanna , Felix Economakis , said that the disruption of food dialamai Hanna is called SED . This condition is usually caused by trauma associated with food .

" Fear of the food comes from trauma and anxiety associated with it . By opening my subconscious could make the patient to let go of fear in the past , " said Economakis .

" The process of hypnosis is performed Hanna lasted more than an hour and at the end of the session Hanna was able to try some new foods without anxiety , " he added .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scots Want Independence Rises

GLASGOW - Scottish referendum ahead of competition is increasing. In a new poll dihelat, the senior Scottish independence requires increased.

The poll conducted by TNS, shows that citizens accept Scottish independence figure rises to 29 percent.

While people who still want to be with England down to the 41 percent figure, 30 percent were still showing doubt.
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"The increase in the proportion is an indication that more and more people are realizing the importance of the referendum and want to be involved in the process," said Principal Tom Costley TNS, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (04/16/2014).

"Many voters have not memustukan to give his voice, so the campaign will last will determine the final outcome," he added.

Scottish referendum held on 18 September 2014. Event of 5.3 million voters will decide the fate of the Scottish forward was with Great Britain or a fully independent nation.


Back Broke clashes in the Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem

Return clash between Israeli forces and Palestinians occurred near the al- Aqsa Mosque , Jerusalem and caused dozens of people were injured on Tuesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Palestinian protesters began throwing stones and police retaliated by throwing stun grenades and rubber bullets . Several people were arrested on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) following a similar clash .

Jewish holy sites as well as the al-Aqsa mosque compound contained in the old town of Jerusalem is .

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP that Palestinian protesters threw " rocks and firecrackers " at police compound when the gate is opened .

Rosenfeld said police retaliated with stun grenades and close the complex after a number of Jewish adherents around. AFP reporter at the scene said dozens of Palestinians were wounded by rubber bullets and stun grenades .

They remain in the al- Aqsa mosque for fear of arrest if they leave the compound .
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Non-Muslims who want to visit the Al-Aqsa mosque compound permitted and regulated by the police , while the Jewish followers were forbidden to pray in the compound .


Monday, April 14, 2014

18th century shipwreck saved

A shipwreck relics of the 18th century off the coast of Northumberland , England, has been designated as historic relics to be protected by the Bahasa Inggeris Heritage .
The remnants of the wooden ship found off the coast near Bamburgh Castle after a tidal wave brought to the surface.

Research conducted maritime archeology and maritime Board , MAST , suspect the ship was sunk around tahun1770 and perhaps the English owners .
The ruins of this ship is currently in supervision of the relevant authorities to prevent the action of destruction .

The role of coastal areas
Bahasa Inggeris Heritage spokesman said: "The ship lost and sunk in the period 1500-1815 is relatively rare in British waters and less than 100 . "

According to him, although some of the ships have suffered weathering, some ships still leaves important characteristic features .

"Thus, the presence of these vessels could provide a picture of life at the end of the 18th century , and the ship construction techniques , as well as trade in the coastal areas of life during that period , " said a spokesman for Bahasa Inggeris Heritage .
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He said : " The merchants of the coastal area then hold productive role in expanding trade links England."


Friday, April 11, 2014

Samsung Easily Disassembled Gear 2 Attach

Has IP67 certification makes Samsung Gear 2 is resistant to dust and water . Typically devices with categories dustproof and waterproof very difficult overhauled and repaired . But you know, that turns the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 was very easy to be assembled !

Based on testing performed by iFixit , Samsung Gear 2 is a device that is very easy to be assembled by anyone , including by laymen users . iFixit gave a score of 8 out of 10 for Samsung Gear 2 ( a score of 10 is the easiest score to be assembled ) .
(see also: Waptrick download lagu)

On its website , iFixit tutorial describes in great detail disassembling through photos and the steps to disassemble . The back casing Samsung Gear 2 are easily removable , by opening the screw , and then clip the back of Gear 2 immediate open . You will not find any of the cable strands . All very neat , and simple . To detach the battery , there are wings that reads " Pull " to pull the battery to remove it from their sockets . Everything is very easy , with a neat placement .

In fact you can also easily disassembling component speakers only with the help of tweezers .

You can learn how to disassemble the Samsung Gear 2 through a complete guide on the iFixit site . With easy disassembly Gear 2 , then it is feared that many would doubt the durability of this device in the dust and splashing water .


Sure SDA PPP Stay Solid

DPP Chairman of the United Development Party , Suryadharma Ali , said the party he led to the 2014 post-election legislative remained solid despite ripples as the internal dynamics of the organization .

" Until now the PPP remains solid . Moving party with all its dynamics , " said Ali , told reporters in Jakarta , Friday ( 11/4 ) , after inaugurating the new Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs , Nur Syam .

Sham previously Director General of the Islamic Educational replace Bahr Hayat . Suryadharma Ali expressed gratitude to the accompanying Hayat for five years as general secretary in the ministry .

At the same time, SDA , who also serves as Minister of Religious Affairs also inaugurated Echelon I other . They were inducted Oditha Rintana Hutabarat as Director General Guidance Christian , Buddhist Guidance Dasikin as Director General and Director General Guidance Eusabius Binsasi as Catholic .
(see also: lomba burung piala raja 2014)

Related gait political , Ali said , the dynamics of the democratic party today reflects the growing body of the party.

But when asked about his position as chairman of the central " shaken " because they take a position opposite to the other party leaders , he asserted , it has been explained to the internal party .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MITO A 68 Smartphone Anti Low Bat And Serves As Powerbank

Problems that are often faced by smartphone users is the battery quickly drains (low-batt) that causes the mobile phone users often experience a loss due to loss of the opportunity to communicate. Many stories we often hear, because of poor smartphone battery performance, business opportunities in sight to drift away.

Any sophisticated a mobile phone, if the battery power does not support it will cause problems for users that can not be reached, the fuel off, twitter off, other facilities was not functioning automatically.
These issues often experienced by users of smartphones. Considered a practical way to help is by bringing Power Bank or charger. However, this solution is temporary and less efficient.

For that MITO released smartphones low anti-bat, A68 Fantasy Power as an answer to the classic problem. With a capacity of 4000mAH battery power features clearly be a wise solution for consumers, Facebookers, Netter and social media activists who want to buy a new smartphone anti low-bat. By having MITO A68 Fantasy Power, throw away your habit to carry a charger or Power Bank.

As the name implies, this phone features favor the main battery power, which is relatively large in its class. type of lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4000mAH.
Battery capacity is large enough to support the activities of users who have high mobility without worrying about running out of battery power.
Simultaneously Mobile Power Bank
MOBILE MITO A68 smartphone complement this with the Quick Charge feature. Features that have previously been used in this Pocket Fantasy series, can charge the battery up to full quickly.

Even the A68 has a unique alternative to a bank as a power that is able to share the power to smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other mobile devices. With these features, users no longer need to buy MITO power so that the bank can save money.
"The weakness in the consumer smartphone battery usually run out quickly. A68 quite the contrary, in addition to long-lasting battery can also functioned as Power Bank. This is one of the advantages of our products, "said Lie Hansen, Director of Mito MOBILE.

According to Hansen, A68 MITO Fantasy Power battery with 4000mAh power is very sufficient for the online (Internet, Social Media, Games) all day without a break, without being distracted classic problem ngedrop battery, and without the need to carry a charger or power bank.
Although the use of dual SIM Fantasy Power, battery remain energy efficient. Even the battery is able to provide energy supply for the call (talk-time) up to 10 hours non-stop and stand-by time of 400 hours.
Simple and Clear Display
Because more priority than appearance features, MITO A68 Fantasy Power has a simple design. But it is advantageous A68 design because it is not easy outdated.
Carrying the LCD touchscreen display measuring 5.0-inch FWVGA types make it as Smartphones are comfortable to use, especially capacitive touch screen which has its color depth of up to 16.7M by relying on TN LCD technology. As a result, the display image on the screen looks clear, bright, and sharp.
When held, MITO A68 feels solid and trendy. Placement of the Volume Up / Down and Power are on the right side of the screen and makes it easy enough to operate. At the top there is only a USB port and a 3.5mm earphone port.
At the rear there is an 8 Megapixel camera plus LED flash and speaker. While the front-mounted video call camera with 2MP resolution. This camera can also take pictures selfie support activities more easily with the voice command / voice command. To take pictures quickly, users MITO A68 enough to say "Capture" or "Cheese."

Powerful CPU Core Four
A number of features of the Fantasy Power A68 supported by quad-core processors. Quad-core processor made in this type of ARM Cortex A-7 with a clock speed of 1.3GHz. CPU (central processing unit) MT6582 MKT models are powerful enough to run the application multitasking, video, and gaming.
The use of the GPU (graphics processing, unit) Mali-400 MP felt when the number of mobile users run the latest games with 4GB of internal memory, users can expand the data storage capacity of up to 32GB via microSD card.
Other features that have been installed include BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Gmail, MITO Neo Apps, File Manager, FM Radio, Video Player, Maps, and Google Play Store.

With a number of features of the MITO Fantasy Power, suitable as a reference for consumer purchase. Especially for those who are looking for a smartphone with a big screen and bright, competitive features, battery powered, and low prices Fantasy Power A68 began in April 2014 marketed at a price of Rp. 1,499,000, -.  (see also: pakan burung pleci)
"If you look at the features and reliability of the battery which is owned and competitive price, we are confident Fantasy Power A68 will be quickly absorbed by the market and become the first choice of consumers," Hansen said with a tone of optimism.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BlackBerry World Birthday 5th, Share Premium Free Games and Applications

BlackBerry World celebrates birthday 5th , BlackBerry share a variety of games and premium applications for free for BlackBerry users worldwide .
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Starting from 4 April 2014 , the entire 10 BlackBerry users can download and install Tilt , Scan to Text , InstaVenue , Uno and Doodle Jump for free to their devices .

But for BlackBerry users with OS older do not worry . Because BlackBerry also dispenses free premium apps and games , such as Iron Man 3 , Uno & Friends , ColorID , Photo Studio Pro and Keep Calm - o - matic Theme .

Reporting from phonearena , to download a free application you need to visit the BlackBerry World , tap on the icon banner that reads " Birthday Gifts " , select the games and applications you want, and press the button free to download any free application that you want.
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Not every day BlackBerry provides five premium and premium gaming applications for its users . So , assuming that you have enough space left on your phone , it did not seem wrong if you take advantage of the gifts given by the BlackBerry .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inception Workshop - Strengthening Natural Forest Connectivity Gorontalo

GORONTALO , INDONESIA - BIRD Gorontalo Provincial Government in collaboration with Indonesian Bird held inception workshop on " Strengthening the Natural Forest Gorontalo Connectivity " . The event was held Wednesday, February 12, 2014 , at the Hotel Andalas Maqna Jl . No. Botutihe Sultan . 88 , City of Gorontalo . (see also: obat burung)

Gorontalo is located in the northern part of the island of Sulawesi is part of Wallacea biogeographic region , its biodiversity world . Wallacea be special because of the peculiarities of animals and plants store which is a mix of the types of Asia and Australia .

Gorontalo province is also known to have a fairly extensive forests , approximately 826,000 ha , which is more than half of the production forest area . Gorontalo also still has a relatively compact natural forests in the western region . The forest area of ​​340,000 hectares and stretches in the district was Pohuwato .

In addition to the production forest , the forest area there are also two nine conservation areas and protected forest areas . Regions that are connected in the vastness of the landscape covers 70 % of the entire area of ​​conservation areas and protected forests in Gorontalo province .

Interconnectedness as well as the preservation of the landscape will ensure the availability of essential services for the continuity of natural functions productively in the surrounding areas such as agriculture , plantations , trade , and others . He will also play a very large in the local micro-climate control , increase carbon sequestration , as well as prevent the occurrence of floods , landslides and drought .

Prof. Gorontalo Provincial Secretary . Dr.Ir. Hj , Winarni Manoarfa , MS welcomes the implementation of this event . According Winarni , Gorontalo has the potential of natural resources that need to be sustainably managed and sustainable . Winarni hope , the parties present at the event gave positive feedback on the implementation of the program in Gorontalo Indonesia Birds in order to achieve good development synergies .

Head of Forestry and Energy and Mineral Resources ( Dishutem ) Gorontalo Dr . Ir . Husen Hasni , M.Si said that government support programs Birds Gorontalo Indonesia in terms of strengthening the connectivity of natural forests in Gorontalo . " The local government fully supports ecosystem restoration efforts that are being processed and HBI Burung Indonesia ( Indonesian Bird Habitat ) in natural forest Popayato - Paguat , Pohuwato and Boalemo " Husen said .

Husen added , the forest is important not only in terms of biodiversity but also as unity for the survival of the ecosystem and economy of the surrounding area . " Natural protection area around it will be connected if the natural forest area here can be maintained as natural forest , " he explained .

Dian Agista , Head Of Indonesian Bird Conservation and Development , stated the purpose of this activity as an initial meeting to all parties in order to plan the delivery of the program in terms of Indonesian Birds " Strengthening Natural Forest Gorontalo Connectivity " . " Including Pohuwato and Boalemo , workplace Burung Indonesia , " said Agis .

Indonesian Bird with stakeholders including local governments in Gorontalo since 2009 has pushed a model of sustainable landscape management . For the five-year period , Burung Indonesia will implement the program Sustainable Landscape Management and Ecosystem Restoration in Gorontalo with the support of the German Government grant in this case the Federal Ministry for the Environment , Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety ( BMU ) through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau ( KfW ) Development Bank .
(see also: vitamin burung)

Inception Workshop was attended by fifty invitations that include the regent , head of the department , related agencies as Gorontalo province , universities , local and national media , non-governmental organizations , as well as students of nature lovers. This workshop is also coupled with exotic wildlife photo exhibition by Gorontalo Gorontalo Wildlife Photography ( GWP ) , Photographic Society of Gorontalo ( MFG ) , and Community To Earth ( KUBU ) . *


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Various Types Cats Pets

There are many types of cats in this world that can be kept , such that I will give in this post are Various Types Cats Allowed , actually its all kinds of cats that exist in this world can be maintained well at home , but her regular people that has cats that look like in her first race .
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Type Cats Pets
Well if you want to know the Ras cat , I 'll give ya a cat race that exist in this world , that we can choose to be kept in the house , and do not we do not know what kind or cat in Ras maintain it , because if there will be are asking for continued we can not answer, it was not embarrassing , , hehehe , , ,

Various Race cats

1 . Maine Coon Cats

Type Cats Pets

This type of cat originating from the United States , and the cats of this type have the carpenter who wants his shy but truth , and this type of cat is very easy to get along with humans , cats also have the fur is thin but very soft in touch and once when the cat has a variety of beautiful colors and indah.Sementara length of the cat 's body can reach 1.5 meters , because this cat race including the biggest race .

2 . Cats Burmese ( Burma )

Type Cats Pets

Cats who succeeded in it by Dr. flowers . Thompson (USA ) has a jovial carpenter and funny , and this cat has many many colors like : brown , brown weasel , red , Lifa , blue , blue turtles , and campagne .

3 . Manx cats

Type Cats Pets

Cats that have carpenter friendly , smart and loyal is possessed characteristics that have cute short tail with a thin fleece and has a coat color that berpariasi like brown , black , white and lavender .

4 . British cat Shoorthair

Types of pet cat

Types of pet cats this one has a clever carpenter , calm , gentle and warm it has a plain color such as black , white , blue , red , beige , striped and solid black .

5 . Turkish Angora cat

Types of pet cat

This type of cat has unique characteristics that have the face that is like a triangle , with ears wide and has a sharp nose and the cat has a hefty price expensive and only those who keep the cat tertenntu this one .

6 . Persian cats

Types of pet cat

Well if this one cat have the unique characteristic lebh again , which has a pug nose and have the advantage kiucing this is a very thick fur , even now - now there 's another development that supposedly said this cat wants its fur taken for the purposes of particular , could well be material for the purposes of clothing , jackets etc , but of course without disturbing the animal 's habitat .
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Types of pet cat
Well that's Various Types Pets Cats can we keep in the house , her special pet lover for her special cat , hopefully with this article can be memotipasi you to more carefully in choosing a pet .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boy 13 Years Successfully Create a Nuclear Reactor

Let's take a moment to count . What achievements have you give yourself in the teen years ? . Then , let's compare it to the impressive achievements over 13 years old boy , Jamie Edward .
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At a young age , he has become an amateur nuclear scientist . Edward managed to create a control panel for a nuclear reactor melting .

As reported by Cnet , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , with which he became an expert pencapaianya nuclear fusion youngest in history , breaking the previous record of nuclear fusiner , 14 -year -old boy , Taylor Wilson .

Achievement Edward was started last year . At that time , Edward presented the funding request to build the reactor . And unexpectedly , school , Penwortham Priory Academy welcomed the idea with U.S. $ 3,350 poured funds equivalent to Rp 38.9 billion , to realize the project.

In his blog , see Edward admits many challenges to realizing the plan . He claimed to have to prepare the room vacuum , vacuum pump , tungsten wires , aluminum block and valves and some other elemeen .

One of the toughest challenges of the track and peeling indoor vacuum leaks . Not only that, Edward also had to ensure the presence of radiation is safe before operating the reactor .

Beyond the matter of technical problems , the mentor teacher Edward is also worrying when heavy hydrogen arise through specialized delivery tool .

Because two hydrogen atoms must collide together in order to create helium through nuclear smelting .

" I do not believe it has done so , " said Edward shocked .

In his personal blog , Edward explained at the end of 2013 , he has prepared the pump , and then developed in early January of this year a part of the gird . The end of January , Edward began to complete the reactor . Early February , the control panel is ready and finally at the end of February , the reactor successfully work .
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What was achieved Edward , of making students feel jealous seperantaranya anywhere . But that's good , because the belief menumpuhkan what can be done by a child .