Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boy 13 Years Successfully Create a Nuclear Reactor

Let's take a moment to count . What achievements have you give yourself in the teen years ? . Then , let's compare it to the impressive achievements over 13 years old boy , Jamie Edward .
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At a young age , he has become an amateur nuclear scientist . Edward managed to create a control panel for a nuclear reactor melting .

As reported by Cnet , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , with which he became an expert pencapaianya nuclear fusion youngest in history , breaking the previous record of nuclear fusiner , 14 -year -old boy , Taylor Wilson .

Achievement Edward was started last year . At that time , Edward presented the funding request to build the reactor . And unexpectedly , school , Penwortham Priory Academy welcomed the idea with U.S. $ 3,350 poured funds equivalent to Rp 38.9 billion , to realize the project.

In his blog , see Edward admits many challenges to realizing the plan . He claimed to have to prepare the room vacuum , vacuum pump , tungsten wires , aluminum block and valves and some other elemeen .

One of the toughest challenges of the track and peeling indoor vacuum leaks . Not only that, Edward also had to ensure the presence of radiation is safe before operating the reactor .

Beyond the matter of technical problems , the mentor teacher Edward is also worrying when heavy hydrogen arise through specialized delivery tool .

Because two hydrogen atoms must collide together in order to create helium through nuclear smelting .

" I do not believe it has done so , " said Edward shocked .

In his personal blog , Edward explained at the end of 2013 , he has prepared the pump , and then developed in early January of this year a part of the gird . The end of January , Edward began to complete the reactor . Early February , the control panel is ready and finally at the end of February , the reactor successfully work .
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What was achieved Edward , of making students feel jealous seperantaranya anywhere . But that's good , because the belief menumpuhkan what can be done by a child .


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