Monday, April 28, 2014

This apparition Satellite BRI Worth USD 2.5 Billion

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BRI ) has just signed a contract for the purchase of satellite Rp 2.5 trillion . How does the appearance of satellite and launcher ?

Satellite named BRISAT it will reach the service territory of Indonesia, and ASEAN countries , including most of East Asia China , most of the Pacific including Hawaii and Western Australia . BRISAT will have a 36x36 MHz transponder C - band and Ku - band 9x72 Mhz .

BRI purchase the satellite from professional companies from the United States , Space Systems / Loral , LLC ( SSL ) . While the launch was Arianespace is a French company .

" Investasnya approximately USD 250 million ( approximately USD 2.5 trillion ) could be lower or approximately U.S. $ 230 million , " said Sofyan Bashir met at BRI Headquarters , Lower Dam , Jakarta , Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .

The satellite will have 45 transponders , which will be used for operational purposes BRI banking is as much as 22-23 transponders . While the 4 transponders will be given to the Indonesian government for government purposes , such as census population data , agricultural data , and others .

" The rest is not rented out , because you're special communication . Probably the same lease government agencies if needed , is still open to others , such as Telkom , Indosat we still can , " he said .

Final design and manufacturing process will be carried out in the factory BRISAT SSL in Palo Alto , California , which is expected to take 24 months . Thus accounted for shipment and launch campaign will be conducted 25-26 months will come around mid- 2016 or at Kourou , French Guiana.
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Later , this satellite will occupy the orbital slot 150.5 BT before being used by the operator Indosat . BRI will be the first bank in the world that manages the orbital slot .

As reported earlier , Tifatul Sembiring issued two decrees to manage over the orbital slot . After issuing the first letter of the number B-297/M.KOMINFO/SP.02.01/03/2014 on March 26 , a second letter was followed later .

" In the letter stated Indosat can still use the orbital slot until 1 September 2015 . Then published the letter the minister who gives the right to the use of orbital slots BRI began 1 September 2015 , " said Director General of Resources and Equipment Post and Information Technology Ministry of Communications Muhammad Budi Setiawan , Jakarta . ( zul / tyo )


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