Sunday, April 27, 2014

Year , China Tapping Email Australian MPs

A daily report published by the Australian Financial Review , Monday, April 28, 2014 , reported that personal electronic mail belonging to members of the Australian parliament has been tapped by Chinese intelligence agents . Tapping it even lasts for one year .

Reuters reports , the Australian Financial Review quoted a source in the government and the security of Australia . According to him , the Chinese intelligence attack carried more savage than previously predicted .

Chinese intelligence is said to have control over all system . " It's like the back of an open road . They have access to all the information , " said the source.
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Chinese intelligence intercepted through parliament computer network , because the network is an open system that is often used internally by the MPs , staff , and their advisers . Policy makers usually use computer networks to conduct private communications and strategy discussion .

When it is inside the network , hackers can access a variety of information such as email , contacts data , and other documents that are stored there .

By having access to sneak into , the Chinese intelligence agencies have a deeper knowledge about some things , such as political relations professional and social networking leadership in Australia , and the discussion on the sensitive issue among policy-makers with their staff .

Yet during these officials in the land of kangaroos has made cyber security as one of their priorities , because of the many attacks in the cyber world and the number is increasing.


Similar events have been reported by the Australian media in 2011 . News corporated launch , computer parliament belonging to 10 federal ministers , including the prime minister , foreign minister , and minister tertahanan suspected to have been compromised .

Public Prosecutor at the time, Robert McClelland , is not denied nor confirmed the cyber attack terrsebut . " The Australian Government considers cyber security a serious issue , and will consistently continue to strengthen cyber security , " he said .

Although not confirmed as truth , but the source of the current administration officials confirmed the cyber attack to the parliamentary network . One lawmaker even admitted often receive informal warnings from security agencies that there are foreign interests that may be trying to access their computers and phones .

The attitude of the Australian government's caution against cyber attacks is to make Tony Abbott Prime Minister to impose a ban on Chinese technology , Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. , to be involved in the National Broadband Network project valued at AUD38 billion or Rp408 trillion .


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