Friday, April 11, 2014

Sure SDA PPP Stay Solid

DPP Chairman of the United Development Party , Suryadharma Ali , said the party he led to the 2014 post-election legislative remained solid despite ripples as the internal dynamics of the organization .

" Until now the PPP remains solid . Moving party with all its dynamics , " said Ali , told reporters in Jakarta , Friday ( 11/4 ) , after inaugurating the new Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs , Nur Syam .

Sham previously Director General of the Islamic Educational replace Bahr Hayat . Suryadharma Ali expressed gratitude to the accompanying Hayat for five years as general secretary in the ministry .

At the same time, SDA , who also serves as Minister of Religious Affairs also inaugurated Echelon I other . They were inducted Oditha Rintana Hutabarat as Director General Guidance Christian , Buddhist Guidance Dasikin as Director General and Director General Guidance Eusabius Binsasi as Catholic .
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Related gait political , Ali said , the dynamics of the democratic party today reflects the growing body of the party.

But when asked about his position as chairman of the central " shaken " because they take a position opposite to the other party leaders , he asserted , it has been explained to the internal party .


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