Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Understanding Character "New" Post-eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010

Mount Merapi showed new characters pescaerupsi 2010. It was seen from the interval increase in volcanic activity of the mountain is growing rapidly from day to day .

Note the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Magelang regency , last activity accompanied by a puff of incandescent lava burst on Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) , at 4:26 to 4:40 pm .

Previously , a mountain located on the border of Central Java with a DIY that has issued the first big gust on July 5, 2012 . Gust second major came a year later on July 22, 2013 .

" On 18 November 2013 re-occurring gust or within six months of the previous gust . Occurred puff back occurs on March 10, 2014 and March 27, 2014 . Gust repeated on Sunday, April 20th yesterday , " explained Head of Emergency and Logistics BPBDs Magelang Regency , Joko Sudibyo , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

According to Joko , this gust acceleration interval occurs because the position of the magma closer to Merapi stomach . Although it was not until Merapi magma chamber , but the movement of the magma continues to happen so fast approaching . The movement of the magma which then generates the gas .

Joko resume , puff can also be triggered due to other factors , such as tectonic earthquakes . Nevertheless, it can not be sure because the necessary studies and research in the volcano experts .

" It is important to learn and understand the new character of Mount Merapi . 's Why need synergy between and among observers kegunungapian volunteers and the community , " said Joko .

Joko said , the Center for Disaster Research and Technology Development Geology ( BPPTKG ) is currently carrying out research on samples of lava that came out along with a small eruption that occurred last Sunday .

The study , said Joko , to determine whether the lava is 2010 or residual material derived from new magma .
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"If there is new magma means indicate magma movement and position closer to Merapi magma Gapur . 's Society must be understood about Merapi , because it could be in a normal state , Merapi issued gust dangerous , " said Joko .


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