Friday, April 11, 2014

Samsung Easily Disassembled Gear 2 Attach

Has IP67 certification makes Samsung Gear 2 is resistant to dust and water . Typically devices with categories dustproof and waterproof very difficult overhauled and repaired . But you know, that turns the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 was very easy to be assembled !

Based on testing performed by iFixit , Samsung Gear 2 is a device that is very easy to be assembled by anyone , including by laymen users . iFixit gave a score of 8 out of 10 for Samsung Gear 2 ( a score of 10 is the easiest score to be assembled ) .
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On its website , iFixit tutorial describes in great detail disassembling through photos and the steps to disassemble . The back casing Samsung Gear 2 are easily removable , by opening the screw , and then clip the back of Gear 2 immediate open . You will not find any of the cable strands . All very neat , and simple . To detach the battery , there are wings that reads " Pull " to pull the battery to remove it from their sockets . Everything is very easy , with a neat placement .

In fact you can also easily disassembling component speakers only with the help of tweezers .

You can learn how to disassemble the Samsung Gear 2 through a complete guide on the iFixit site . With easy disassembly Gear 2 , then it is feared that many would doubt the durability of this device in the dust and splashing water .


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