Friday, May 23, 2014

Jakarta Anniversary Celebration Guaranteed Non-vice presidential candidates Politicization

Jakarta City will enter the age of 487 years old on June 22 and a number of events and activities organized to celebrate the festival .

Although this event will be held in the political , Chairman of the Committee Daily 487 Anniversary of Bambang Sugiyono DKI Jakarta Anniversary ensure the implementation is free from politicization presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate RI .

" We understand that the situation in this political year , so we did not make the show a lot , does not mean a rousing yes .
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Things that nature gave rise to the political overtones , we avoid , we do not want the excitement of being poisoned or hindered by those who will do something for the city, " said Bambang , told reporters in Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

However, the man who also served as Assistant Secretary of Public Welfare Jakarta is not explained further , whether Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo presidential candidate who also attended the summit Anniversary of 487 Capital .
Because the governor has been disabled Jokowi Jakarta on it .

Jokowi counted off started ( 05/31/2014 ) coming up to the General Election Commission ( KPU ) set a president and vice president-elect . Meanwhile , Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama will act as Acting ( Acting ) Governor of Jakarta .


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