Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tourist complains Charges in Bunaken

Foreign tourists complained about the cost of charges when traveling to Yosemite National Park , North Sulawesi . In addition to paying entry fees to Bunaken Rp 200,000 per person , they are also required to pay a fee to the association motorboat Rp 50,000 per person .

H Loprang , tourism actors in Manado , on Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) , reveal , two foreign tourists surprised when asked to pay Rp 150,000 by an officer of the association who claims the boat . At that time , they were on top of the motor boat .
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"Incidentally, the three of us on the boat . At that time , I drove a friend from Germany . My friend shook his head because he felt cheated . In fact , we are already paying rent boats Rp 750,000 per return , "said Loprang .

According Loprang , when he said he would not give the money requested , the officer threatened to dispatch boat motors . Loprang saw some foreign tourists who were in other motor boat association also cited the services of a motor boat .

Based on the monitoring base in the complex motor boat Manado Harbour , yesterday , quote Rp 50,000 from the association is still going on for a number of foreign tourists and domestic tourists from outside Manado .

Officers of the association boat motor will not mention his name said , quote Rp 50,000 per person for the organization . Collected money to help the carrier boat if pain or grief -stricken . " Members of our nearly 100 people , who pay attention to them , " he said .

Head of Manado City Tourism Hendrik Waroka and Head of Tourism North Sulawesi Supriya Ruru claimed no knowledge of the association over the levy money motorboat . According to them , the fees are not included in local regulations .

" I know only of levies to Bunaken Bunaken National Park Management Board . The result is paid in cash to the area for conservation programs , " said Ruru .

Head of Department of Transportation North Sulawesi Joy Oroh new claim to know there are charges of association motorboat . "If true , we will act to report to the authorities because of the apparent extortion , " he said .

According Oroh , motorboat carrier is guaranteed workers by motor boat owners . Typically , the owner of the wage system and the target system uses a motor carrier daily , weekly , or monthly .

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