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Various Types Cats Pets

There are many types of cats in this world that can be kept , such that I will give in this post are Various Types Cats Allowed , actually its all kinds of cats that exist in this world can be maintained well at home , but her regular people that has cats that look like in her first race .
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Type Cats Pets
Well if you want to know the Ras cat , I 'll give ya a cat race that exist in this world , that we can choose to be kept in the house , and do not we do not know what kind or cat in Ras maintain it , because if there will be are asking for continued we can not answer, it was not embarrassing , , hehehe , , ,

Various Race cats

1 . Maine Coon Cats

Type Cats Pets

This type of cat originating from the United States , and the cats of this type have the carpenter who wants his shy but truth , and this type of cat is very easy to get along with humans , cats also have the fur is thin but very soft in touch and once when the cat has a variety of beautiful colors and indah.Sementara length of the cat 's body can reach 1.5 meters , because this cat race including the biggest race .

2 . Cats Burmese ( Burma )

Type Cats Pets

Cats who succeeded in it by Dr. flowers . Thompson (USA ) has a jovial carpenter and funny , and this cat has many many colors like : brown , brown weasel , red , Lifa , blue , blue turtles , and campagne .

3 . Manx cats

Type Cats Pets

Cats that have carpenter friendly , smart and loyal is possessed characteristics that have cute short tail with a thin fleece and has a coat color that berpariasi like brown , black , white and lavender .

4 . British cat Shoorthair

Types of pet cat

Types of pet cats this one has a clever carpenter , calm , gentle and warm it has a plain color such as black , white , blue , red , beige , striped and solid black .

5 . Turkish Angora cat

Types of pet cat

This type of cat has unique characteristics that have the face that is like a triangle , with ears wide and has a sharp nose and the cat has a hefty price expensive and only those who keep the cat tertenntu this one .

6 . Persian cats

Types of pet cat

Well if this one cat have the unique characteristic lebh again , which has a pug nose and have the advantage kiucing this is a very thick fur , even now - now there 's another development that supposedly said this cat wants its fur taken for the purposes of particular , could well be material for the purposes of clothing , jackets etc , but of course without disturbing the animal 's habitat .
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Types of pet cat
Well that's Various Types Pets Cats can we keep in the house , her special pet lover for her special cat , hopefully with this article can be memotipasi you to more carefully in choosing a pet .


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