Friday, April 18, 2014

Call Suryadharma Ali and Gerindra PPP Coalition as the "Coalition of Grain"

United Development Party Chairman Ali Suryadharma not deny that his party wants to build a coalition of parties , as a coalition Indonesia Raya senior politician once said PAN , Amien Rais .

However, for its coalition with Gerindra , he called it a " Coalition of Grain " .

" Indonesia Raya PPP is not a coalition , but the ' Coalition of Grain ' . Garuda - Kaaba ( Gerindra party symbol and PPP ) , " Suryadharma said in a press conference at the office of PPP , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) evening .

In addition , Suryadharma analogize grain as a symbol of well-being . With the establishment of a coalition between the two parties , Suryadharma hope awakened continued welfare of the people in Indonesia .

Suryadharma Ali said the PPP is ready to support presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra as President from 2014 to 2019 . This support also signifies the coalition has been established between the two parties .

Regarding the systems they build coalitions , Suryadharma not sure because the coalition has not been formally agreed .

" The formalization of this coalition will be done through mechanisms and procedures in the PPP , " he said .

Prabowo welcomed the invitation " Coalition Paddy " the PPP . According to him , the unconditional support offered by the party bearing the Ka'aba was rare in the history of politics in Indonesia .

Regarding the vice-presidential candidate who will accompany later , Prabowo still be discussing with coalition parties . Gerindra also still will see the development of the current political situation .
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"If the coalition , coalition members must have a voice to find ( vice ) the best , " says Prabowo .


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