Thursday, May 1, 2014

4 Day Ahead of the World Economic Forum, Car Bomb Kills 9 People in Nigeria

A car bomb exploded on a busy street in the capital city of Nigeria , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) night . At least 9 people were killed . The blast site opposite the bus station bombing that was attacked on 14 April 2014 that killed 75 people .

The explosion occurred on Thursday night just four days before the city hosts the World Economic Forum . The plan , the meeting will take place during the week , with the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang as the guest of honor .
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A spokesman for the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps , Emmanuel Okeh , said that medical and firefighters rushed to the scene and found the bodies 9 and 11 people were taken in an unconscious condition to a local hospital .

The explosion occurred in the center of the International Labor Day . In Nigeria , May Day is a national holiday . Witnesses said an explosives -laden car into a checkpoint speeding . A man jumped out of the car and ran away , just before the car exploded .

The checkpoint was established to examine every passing car , the inspectors consisting of police and soldiers . The establishment of this post is a response to the explosion on 14 April 2014 .

Previously , Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on May Day commemoration on Thursday , said that the perpetrators of the attack two weeks ago should be brought to justice . " We're going to win against the evil that is degrading humanity or hinder our progress as a nation , " he said .

" Those , who want to redefine our country as a state of chaos , will not succeed , " Jonathan vows . In the last week , he also assured the Chinese Ambassador and hundreds of delegates are expected to attend the World Economic Forum that there would be no security issues during the summit took place .


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