Monday, April 14, 2014

18th century shipwreck saved

A shipwreck relics of the 18th century off the coast of Northumberland , England, has been designated as historic relics to be protected by the Bahasa Inggeris Heritage .
The remnants of the wooden ship found off the coast near Bamburgh Castle after a tidal wave brought to the surface.

Research conducted maritime archeology and maritime Board , MAST , suspect the ship was sunk around tahun1770 and perhaps the English owners .
The ruins of this ship is currently in supervision of the relevant authorities to prevent the action of destruction .

The role of coastal areas
Bahasa Inggeris Heritage spokesman said: "The ship lost and sunk in the period 1500-1815 is relatively rare in British waters and less than 100 . "

According to him, although some of the ships have suffered weathering, some ships still leaves important characteristic features .

"Thus, the presence of these vessels could provide a picture of life at the end of the 18th century , and the ship construction techniques , as well as trade in the coastal areas of life during that period , " said a spokesman for Bahasa Inggeris Heritage .
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He said : " The merchants of the coastal area then hold productive role in expanding trade links England."


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