Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Special vocational Tangerang Prison Child Start Operation

Special Education Foundation Penitentiary (Prison ) Men Children Class IIA Tangerang City was officially operational permit from the Capital Care Services Agency and Integrated Licensing ( BP2MPT ) for Vocational School ( SMK ) .

Thus , the particular vocational ready for operation this month . " We 've set up vocational schools in this prison since June 2013 , but has yet to get an operating permit . Yesterday it was able to license , so school activities could walk , " said Sutari , Chief SMA Male Child Special Prison Class IIA to Tangerang City , Wednesday ( 14.05.2014 ) .
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According to him , it is not without the support of the Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh when doing the inspection to the prison on the first day of the national exam ( UN ) last month . Some problems can be resolved eventually permit the prison so that the operating permit can be issued BP2MPT Tangerang City .

" We just opened one class only , the students of class X with jumlash 30 people . Teacher of the prison as well , " he continued .

Sutari added , the particular vocational students will focus on the auto majors motorcycle . The curriculum is the same as that applied to CMS in general .

" Diploma they will receive will also generally equated with vocational diploma . They will be ready to work after getting out of here ( prison ) , " he added .

SMK opening , said Sutari , will not interfere with teaching and learning in prisons also have a Special High School . " It's only one class, so we arranged for classroom use and a vocational high school in prison , " he said .

Currently SMK Children in Prison Class IIA Koya Tangerang man is under the responsibility of the Special Education Foundation . SMK 's opening , adds another high school in prison .

Previously , prisons already have Special High School who also provide education for children in prison applicable according curriculum .


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