Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inception Workshop - Strengthening Natural Forest Connectivity Gorontalo

GORONTALO , INDONESIA - BIRD Gorontalo Provincial Government in collaboration with Indonesian Bird held inception workshop on " Strengthening the Natural Forest Gorontalo Connectivity " . The event was held Wednesday, February 12, 2014 , at the Hotel Andalas Maqna Jl . No. Botutihe Sultan . 88 , City of Gorontalo . (see also: obat burung)

Gorontalo is located in the northern part of the island of Sulawesi is part of Wallacea biogeographic region , its biodiversity world . Wallacea be special because of the peculiarities of animals and plants store which is a mix of the types of Asia and Australia .

Gorontalo province is also known to have a fairly extensive forests , approximately 826,000 ha , which is more than half of the production forest area . Gorontalo also still has a relatively compact natural forests in the western region . The forest area of ​​340,000 hectares and stretches in the district was Pohuwato .

In addition to the production forest , the forest area there are also two nine conservation areas and protected forest areas . Regions that are connected in the vastness of the landscape covers 70 % of the entire area of ​​conservation areas and protected forests in Gorontalo province .

Interconnectedness as well as the preservation of the landscape will ensure the availability of essential services for the continuity of natural functions productively in the surrounding areas such as agriculture , plantations , trade , and others . He will also play a very large in the local micro-climate control , increase carbon sequestration , as well as prevent the occurrence of floods , landslides and drought .

Prof. Gorontalo Provincial Secretary . Dr.Ir. Hj , Winarni Manoarfa , MS welcomes the implementation of this event . According Winarni , Gorontalo has the potential of natural resources that need to be sustainably managed and sustainable . Winarni hope , the parties present at the event gave positive feedback on the implementation of the program in Gorontalo Indonesia Birds in order to achieve good development synergies .

Head of Forestry and Energy and Mineral Resources ( Dishutem ) Gorontalo Dr . Ir . Husen Hasni , M.Si said that government support programs Birds Gorontalo Indonesia in terms of strengthening the connectivity of natural forests in Gorontalo . " The local government fully supports ecosystem restoration efforts that are being processed and HBI Burung Indonesia ( Indonesian Bird Habitat ) in natural forest Popayato - Paguat , Pohuwato and Boalemo " Husen said .

Husen added , the forest is important not only in terms of biodiversity but also as unity for the survival of the ecosystem and economy of the surrounding area . " Natural protection area around it will be connected if the natural forest area here can be maintained as natural forest , " he explained .

Dian Agista , Head Of Indonesian Bird Conservation and Development , stated the purpose of this activity as an initial meeting to all parties in order to plan the delivery of the program in terms of Indonesian Birds " Strengthening Natural Forest Gorontalo Connectivity " . " Including Pohuwato and Boalemo , workplace Burung Indonesia , " said Agis .

Indonesian Bird with stakeholders including local governments in Gorontalo since 2009 has pushed a model of sustainable landscape management . For the five-year period , Burung Indonesia will implement the program Sustainable Landscape Management and Ecosystem Restoration in Gorontalo with the support of the German Government grant in this case the Federal Ministry for the Environment , Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety ( BMU ) through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau ( KfW ) Development Bank .
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Inception Workshop was attended by fifty invitations that include the regent , head of the department , related agencies as Gorontalo province , universities , local and national media , non-governmental organizations , as well as students of nature lovers. This workshop is also coupled with exotic wildlife photo exhibition by Gorontalo Gorontalo Wildlife Photography ( GWP ) , Photographic Society of Gorontalo ( MFG ) , and Community To Earth ( KUBU ) . *


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Various Types Cats Pets

There are many types of cats in this world that can be kept , such that I will give in this post are Various Types Cats Allowed , actually its all kinds of cats that exist in this world can be maintained well at home , but her regular people that has cats that look like in her first race .
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Type Cats Pets
Well if you want to know the Ras cat , I 'll give ya a cat race that exist in this world , that we can choose to be kept in the house , and do not we do not know what kind or cat in Ras maintain it , because if there will be are asking for continued we can not answer, it was not embarrassing , , hehehe , , ,

Various Race cats

1 . Maine Coon Cats

Type Cats Pets

This type of cat originating from the United States , and the cats of this type have the carpenter who wants his shy but truth , and this type of cat is very easy to get along with humans , cats also have the fur is thin but very soft in touch and once when the cat has a variety of beautiful colors and indah.Sementara length of the cat 's body can reach 1.5 meters , because this cat race including the biggest race .

2 . Cats Burmese ( Burma )

Type Cats Pets

Cats who succeeded in it by Dr. flowers . Thompson (USA ) has a jovial carpenter and funny , and this cat has many many colors like : brown , brown weasel , red , Lifa , blue , blue turtles , and campagne .

3 . Manx cats

Type Cats Pets

Cats that have carpenter friendly , smart and loyal is possessed characteristics that have cute short tail with a thin fleece and has a coat color that berpariasi like brown , black , white and lavender .

4 . British cat Shoorthair

Types of pet cat

Types of pet cats this one has a clever carpenter , calm , gentle and warm it has a plain color such as black , white , blue , red , beige , striped and solid black .

5 . Turkish Angora cat

Types of pet cat

This type of cat has unique characteristics that have the face that is like a triangle , with ears wide and has a sharp nose and the cat has a hefty price expensive and only those who keep the cat tertenntu this one .

6 . Persian cats

Types of pet cat

Well if this one cat have the unique characteristic lebh again , which has a pug nose and have the advantage kiucing this is a very thick fur , even now - now there 's another development that supposedly said this cat wants its fur taken for the purposes of particular , could well be material for the purposes of clothing , jackets etc , but of course without disturbing the animal 's habitat .
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Types of pet cat
Well that's Various Types Pets Cats can we keep in the house , her special pet lover for her special cat , hopefully with this article can be memotipasi you to more carefully in choosing a pet .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boy 13 Years Successfully Create a Nuclear Reactor

Let's take a moment to count . What achievements have you give yourself in the teen years ? . Then , let's compare it to the impressive achievements over 13 years old boy , Jamie Edward .
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At a young age , he has become an amateur nuclear scientist . Edward managed to create a control panel for a nuclear reactor melting .

As reported by Cnet , Thursday, March 6, 2014 , with which he became an expert pencapaianya nuclear fusion youngest in history , breaking the previous record of nuclear fusiner , 14 -year -old boy , Taylor Wilson .

Achievement Edward was started last year . At that time , Edward presented the funding request to build the reactor . And unexpectedly , school , Penwortham Priory Academy welcomed the idea with U.S. $ 3,350 poured funds equivalent to Rp 38.9 billion , to realize the project.

In his blog , see Edward admits many challenges to realizing the plan . He claimed to have to prepare the room vacuum , vacuum pump , tungsten wires , aluminum block and valves and some other elemeen .

One of the toughest challenges of the track and peeling indoor vacuum leaks . Not only that, Edward also had to ensure the presence of radiation is safe before operating the reactor .

Beyond the matter of technical problems , the mentor teacher Edward is also worrying when heavy hydrogen arise through specialized delivery tool .

Because two hydrogen atoms must collide together in order to create helium through nuclear smelting .

" I do not believe it has done so , " said Edward shocked .

In his personal blog , Edward explained at the end of 2013 , he has prepared the pump , and then developed in early January of this year a part of the gird . The end of January , Edward began to complete the reactor . Early February , the control panel is ready and finally at the end of February , the reactor successfully work .
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What was achieved Edward , of making students feel jealous seperantaranya anywhere . But that's good , because the belief menumpuhkan what can be done by a child .