Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girls 15 Year against Food Phobia

TRURO - Hanna Little , has a very unique phobia . Because the girl is 20 years old so afraid of food and he just takes the chips for 15 years. Hanna suffered a severe eating disorder since she was five years old , and eventually he became afraid of all the food .

This beautiful girl began to eat again after hypnosis to overcome her fear of food . But , Hanna just want to eat chips every day for 15 years .

As reported Mirror , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) , food disorders experienced by Hanna made ​​her feel sick if she tries to eat food other than chips .

This rare condition often makes fainted in the middle of the activity . So Hanna tries to perform hypnotherapy cure phobia . After doing a hypnotherapy session he finally managed to overcome the phobia and started to eat the pizza , now also has become a favorite food .
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" Food can make me very scared , it made ​​me sick , anxious , and I never know how to handle it , " said Hanna .

" When I go on a picnic with my friends , I could not eat anything . I can only eat chips every day , " said the girl who lives in Truro , Cornwall , England .

Psychologists who treat Hanna , Felix Economakis , said that the disruption of food dialamai Hanna is called SED . This condition is usually caused by trauma associated with food .

" Fear of the food comes from trauma and anxiety associated with it . By opening my subconscious could make the patient to let go of fear in the past , " said Economakis .

" The process of hypnosis is performed Hanna lasted more than an hour and at the end of the session Hanna was able to try some new foods without anxiety , " he added .


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